My 5 minute face makeup essentials 💄🙌🏻👄😘


Aveeno CC cream I get this in the medium shade! I seriously love it! It evens out my skin tone so well and is only $15! It’s the perfect coverage for days where you just don’t have time but want to feel moisturized and eliminate redness.

Hoola bronzer I have loved this bronzer since High School! It works so well as a quick contour bronzer because the brush can be applied so easily right underneath your cheekbones. I do think it looks better on more olive skin types because it’s such a warm color. For you fair skin ladies this bronzer by Laura Mercier is another one of my favorite bronzer that looks amazing on all skin types! I use the bronzer quickly in the creases of my eyes to give a little depth.

My fave mascara is by it. Cosmetics  and I love to put on the Lancôme cills boost first. It’s makes my lashes grow and gives them all the vitamins they need to stay strong.

Heres everything you need to get my look from today!


5 Outfit Tips for Nursing Momma’s

Hey guys! Im guessing that if you are reading this, then like me you have had or are anticipating finding clothes while nursing is going to be a challenge! Well, don’t lose hope! Finding clothes that are functional and still stylish is possible! It just takes some extra planning and with Sawyer I learned so much and have narrowed it down to 5 easy tips! I hope this helps, and please comment below if you have any tips to add!

  1. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS invest in comfy, button down shirts! It makes nursing so easy because all you have to do is undue a few buttons and your done! Whether its summer or winter when your little blessing arrives, a button down shirt can transcend all seasons! The key is wearing a comfy nursing camisole, or bra underneath. And don’t forget your nursing pads! I like the disposable ones best! Check out our pregnancy highlight videos on our instagram for more info and what brand of nursing pads I buy. Here are some of the current button down shirts I have myself or recommend!

Freepeople button down shirt

Freepeople Sale button down shirt

Socialite button down shirt

Carlson tie back button down shirt

2. LAYERS are KEY. I am always varying from being freezing cold to sweating like a popsicle stick on the forth of July! When breastfeeding you hormones have a mind of their own, surging like crazy and causing you to be all kinds of temperatures regardless of the actual weather. So again I will say, layers are KEY. Here are some of my favorite, cozy and lightweight cardigans and sweaters while breastfeeding.

FP Cozy cardigan

Leith cardigan

Barefoot dreams cardigan

3. Invest in a good nursing bra and/or camisole. Honestly I wear mine everyday and the better the quality the longer they last. You might spend more money at first but they will last you so much longer and you will actually save money in the long run! The ones I linked below are so comfortable too! I can’t tell you how nice it is to just quickly unhook your nursing bra, and BAMM you are ready to feed your little one.

Cake Nursing bra

Cake Nursing camisole

4. Lounge wear is a necessity. I am a PJ girl to begin with but I LOVE and seriously LIVE in these pajamas linked below. I have them in 3 colors. They are cute and soooo buttery soft.


5. Practical shoes. Girls, I love a good heel and more power to you in you can wear heels with babies and toddlers, but unfortunately I am not one of you. I recommend investing in a new comfy, athletic shoe! Lucky for us they are on trend! They are easy to throw on, and makes chasing after your other kids much easier. I love when I’m able to run and play with Sawyer and not have to worry about the shoes I wearing. That doesn’t mean I wear them on date night, but it is a practical option for everyday life! Here are some of my fave right now!

New Balence sneaker

Adidas shoe

Adidas Running shoe



Our favorite vitamins for targeting hormonal acne….& getting real when it comes to targeting the root of the problem, the gut😏👋 #acnebegone


Happy Monday beautiful friends! First off, thank you guys SO MUCH for all the love and feedback on this Vitamins post! So many of you gave me SO many good suggestions regaurding what has helped you with acne and gut issues, and I cannot thank you enough!! I am super thankful I can get real with ya’ll and have so many people thankful for the research & joining the vitamin journey with me! 🙂 Sorry for the late post with all the details and links, we took a spontaneous trip to Sonoma this weekend and time got away from me! Please continue to share any feedback/comments below or on our Instagram page. I will also do a monthly update for you guys like so many of you asked me to & be totally honest on  if I see results with these products. Have a great week❤️

Vitamin C – Great for brightening your skin, sun spots, and and redness.

Multi Vitamin  – This is Maci’s fave!:)

Vitamin E  – Great source of Antioxidants

Probiotics – Dr. Mercola

Krill Oil w/ Primrose Oil – Dr. Mercola

Why Doctor Mercola? Here is the link to the You Tuber I follow who is a great source of knowledge! This specific link will take you directly to the video I watched that targeted vitamins and the why behind each specific one, but she has many more I would recommend you watch as well!

KGMTL- she is amazing!


Our current makeup must-haves 💄💕💋🙌🏻💁‍♀️

Here is the link to the primer I have been using this past week! It’s seriously under $6!!! I got it at the check out line in target because I just ran out of my NARS primer, and I thought why not!? So far I really like it! I also linked my NARS primer too! The NARS primer is $36.

Elf primer

NARS primer

Next, in the tutorial I used my faveee NARS foundation. I’m the color 5, or Fiji.

NARS foundation

The under eye color correction I used, is a MUST! I makes my under eye area glow and counteracts all dark circles #momlife

Becca under eye color correction

Next I use the NARS concealer to cover any redness or imperfections I have.

NARS radiant creamy concealer

Somehow this part of the video got deleted and I’m so sad (I think this is when Saw woke up and I got really distracted 😂) but the highlighter I use and LOVE is by Becca cosmetics! It’s another MUST ladies!!

Becca highlighter

I linked the Anastasia BH eyeshadow palette I use on the daily and LOVE, plus the new one I just got from tarte because it has all my favorite shimmery neutrals!

Tarte- Leave your mark eyeshadow palette

ABH- renaissance eye shadow palette

The two biggest reasons I really like this eyeliner are-

1. It has a very fine tip at the end so it doesn’t come on really bulky or too big, and if you mess up it’s easy to fix because it’s not this huge line.

2. Unlike the other brand I used for years it doesn’t leak or smudge onto your eyelid. I was so annoyed of looking in the mirror and seeing my eyeliner smudged everywhere and this one doesn’t do that at all!

Tarte liquid eyeliner

My brows are micro bladed (which I love 💕 ) but I still like to tame them with the brow gel just so they stay put throughout the day. I like the tinted version vs clear because it makes them stand out a little more. I get the tint “brunette.”

ABH- brow gel

I just started using the Lancôme mascara primer because of another blogger I follow who swears by it and she has the best “real” lashes! I thought I would give it a try! Please let me know if you use it and like/love/hate it! It’s supposed to be vitamins for your Lashes!

Lancôme cills booster vitamin infused mascara primer

The mascara I just started using is by it cosmetics and it’s around $24, vs the $32 Chanel mascara I used to buy (which I still Love) but if this one does the same thing I will definitely be switching over for good! I linked both for ya!

It cosmetics- Superhero mascara

Chanel mascara

Finally, I always end my makeup with a few spritzes of the MAC prime and prep finishing mist! I really feel like it gives my face that final glowy touch and helps it last longer through the day.

MAC finishing mist

PS. My NARS “little darling” lipstick they no longer carry. I guess it was seasonal, but it is seriously my favorite neutral so if it comes back I will definitely let you all know!

Hope you liked this! Let us know what else you would like to see! And if you try any of these products, what you think!!!!


SisandSaw 💋