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LOVE my new high waisted Levi shorts! They suck you in, in all the right places! 😉 and… this sweet Carlson Peplum Top is the perfect summer staple tee and comes in 11 colors! Did I mention it’s less than $40! 🙌🏻😘




76302522-CFBE-441B-A550-244071EAE002.jpegSeriously love this Anthropologie Jumper

The material is so soft and is so easy to throw on in a time crunch, but still look cute!


These great Forever 21 slides are the perfect pop of color & a great price point! Run TTS!

-Need to Know- for a life with chickens 🐔 🐓


Farm life is a simple and beautiful life. It’s full of laughter, wide open spaces, and a sense of peacefulness you can’t find in the city. With that said “farm life” and it’s breath of fresh air is desired by many, but once attempted you soon realize is filled with a lot of hard work. Dirt, bugs, and rodents also come with the territory! My sister and I grew up on 6 acres in Penryn, CA. We had chickens, horses, goats, cows, dogs and cats! We learned how to work smarter and not harder when helping take care of our animals! Chickens especially can be so fun to raise, but if raised wrong can be a hassle and not to mention STINKY! Here are our tricks and tips we learned on the farm growing up. Hopefully they will help you and your family as you grow your home with what we like to refer to as our “gals, the DIXIE CHICKS!”

1. DONT put your chicken coop ANYWHERE near your house. Chickens are super easy to maintain but they STINK! They poop a lot of wet, diarrhea like poop and you don’t want it near where you and your family and friends hang out! We put our coop down on the lower end of our property. It does make collecting eggs a little more of a walk, but TRUST US it’s better than the stench!

2. Set up an automatic water feeder. Make sure you have water set up to your coop so when you go on vacation you don’t have to worry about them not having water or someone coming to check on them everyday.

3. Make sure NO spaces are open so other animals cant get into the coop! Raccoons are so smart and masters at finding a way into chicken coops! We have small chicken wire secured all over the coop so that nothing can get in and hurt our chickens!

4. Don’t be afraid to let your chickens roam! During the day we let our chickens out of the coop and they go all over our property. It’s so cute to see them around the property. At night they will go into the coop all by themselves. Once it’s dusk make sure you close the coop so raccoons or other animals can’t get in to hurt them.

5. Build your coop an enclosed outdoor area so they can go out of the coop without you having to let them out. On the side of our coop we have a fully enclosed area our chickens can roam. My husband made it so they could get worms and bugs on the dirt without us having to let them out. This comes in handy when you go out of town for a few days!

6. Enjoy them with your family!! We make collecting eggs a fun chore to learn responsibility with our littles. Sawyer loves collecting the eggs. We have a special basket that we walk down to the coop to get the eggs everyday.

Hope this helps! We would love to hear if you have any tips for raising chickens. So comment below if you do!