Our favorite vitamins for targeting hormonal acne….& getting real when it comes to targeting the root of the problem, the gut😏👋 #acnebegone


Happy Monday beautiful friends! First off, thank you guys SO MUCH for all the love and feedback on this Vitamins post! So many of you gave me SO many good suggestions regaurding what has helped you with acne and gut issues, and I cannot thank you enough!! I am super thankful I can get real with ya’ll and have so many people thankful for the research & joining the vitamin journey with me! 🙂 Sorry for the late post with all the details and links, we took a spontaneous trip to Sonoma this weekend and time got away from me! Please continue to share any feedback/comments below or on our Instagram page. I will also do a monthly update for you guys like so many of you asked me to & be totally honest on  if I see results with these products. Have a great week❤️

Vitamin C – Great for brightening your skin, sun spots, and and redness.

Multi Vitamin  – This is Maci’s fave!:)

Vitamin E  – Great source of Antioxidants

Probiotics – Dr. Mercola

Krill Oil w/ Primrose Oil – Dr. Mercola

Why Doctor Mercola? Here is the link to the You Tuber I follow who is a great source of knowledge! This specific link will take you directly to the video I watched that targeted vitamins and the why behind each specific one, but she has many more I would recommend you watch as well!

KGMTL- she is amazing!


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