TOP 10 Roundup: of this Summer’s FAVE slides && sneakers ūüĎü

Click on links to see the goods!!!

1.¬†Birkenstock¬†has really stepped up their game this year! Who doesn’t want waterproof birkenstocks! Seriously the best idea, ever! And they come in SO MANY fun summer colors! Not to mention, they are LESS THAN $35.00!!!! BIBLE

2. Love these Adidas superstars for a casual and cute look with a seasonal grey stripe!

3. These are a little more dressy but still perfect for a quick, on the go, lifestyle! Steve Madden

4. Love the 90s vibe with these platform sneakers! Here’s a¬†Steve Madden¬†version for those of us on a budget and a ¬†Vince warren¬†pair for those who want to splurge!

5. OBSESSED RIGHT NOW, with these classic checkered Vans ! Definitely a must for lazy summer days!

6. These Nikes are sooo comfy and love the new grey look! The best slip on shoe for moms!

7. New Balences will always be a favorite staple shoe for us! Love these new seasonal colored ones!

8. Slides are so trendy right now, and we are definitely on board! Love these JSlides with tassels and they come in so many cute colors!

9. These classic high top Converse are the perfect summer staple! We have them in two colors!

10. Get pool ready for every vacation with these sporty and cute Adidas slides!

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