traveling with toddlers

Our camping trip to Mendocino ended up being so much fun! It was the first time Sawyer had been on a long car ride with us and I was a little nervous we would be entertaining him the whole ride up to avoid meltdowns… needless to say the 4 HOUR CAR RIDE there was a little daunting… But Sawyer did so well!!  I had to share some of the toys and tips that made this trip successful! Us moms need to help eachother out! Traveling with toddlers is no joke and anything helps, so if you have more tips that have helped you in the car or on a plane or whatever, please share in the comments! We would love the help!

Ok, real talk- don’t judge- Sawyer loves watching TV, and on a typical day he usually doesn’t get to watch it but for traveling or at restaurants it’s my #1 go to!!!! I just found out that Netflix lets you download shows and then you can watch them without wifi connection!!! It’s amazing! I downloaded a bunch of sawyers favorite shows and he was so excited to watch them that he didn’t even care about being in the car! Barney is his ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. It’s an oldie but a goodie if you ask me! I love that the kids are so respectful and kind towards one another vs some of the shows on for kids today.  Plus, I remember a lot of the episodes from when I was a kid which makes it fun to sing along! Suprising what you remember from so long ago! Lol 😂 We used my old iPad and the universal car headrest mount we bought on amazon prime (link here – iPad mount link )

I also brought some other activities for Sawyer to do in the car that wouldn’t make a mess and that I wouldn’t have to constantly supervise him doing and then consequently get car sick while looking back every 5 minutes. The Melissa and Doug “WATER WOW” coloring books are perfect for those toddlers of yours that like to draw! The pages become colorful when you put the water pen on them! If they spill the water who cares, it’s just water 💦 they are perfect for the car, and for those of you who have crazy ones like me, who like to color anything but the paper! 🙄 (Link here- Water wow coloring book )

Pop out books are another of Sawyers favorite that keep him entertained for awhile! He loves ones with farm animals the best!

Yes, that is a tooth brush you see in the picture! 😝 Sawyer loves to brush his teeth so it’s always a good distraction to have handy! He loves this one from Target bcs it’s automatic like mommy and daddy’s so he thinks he is a big boy using it! Plus, paw patrol is on it so it’s automatically cool, right! 😎


We also brought a TON of his favorite snacks! I love those PBJs from Costco that you just grab from the freezer and let defrost! He had those and some of the Costco fruit snacks too! I guess by now you know I’m a huge Costco fan! 😉 Also, Sawyer loves pirates booty and I basically brought enough bags to feed the whole camp but I didn’t want to run out! Snacks are a must!

Also, We tried to time leaving with his nap 😴 Hoping that he would sleep the majority of the way, hence the bottle in the picture! That also helped pass the time so when he did wake up we only had about half way to go!


Hope this helps everyone with their future travels, and please let us know any of your tricks and tips that helped you!



Sis & Saw

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