Sis&Saw’s Easter Treats



The Easiest & Yummiest Easter Dessert



Pretzels- I get my big bag from Costco

Chocolate Melts in Pink, Green, and Yellow- to make it a bit healthier with more protein I added vanilla Greek yogurt to this!

Peppermint Extract

White Sprinkles

Wax Paper



1/ Melt the chocolates per the instructions on the bag, adjusting the color with gel food coloring or even white chips to make the color appear lighter. Once melted I added some vanilla Greek yogurt in to thicken and add more protein!

2/ Once melted, stir in 1/8 tsp of peppermint extract

3/ Dip Pretzels into melted chocolate and lay on wax paper

4/ Add some sprinkles for the full nonpareil effect and allow the chocolate to cool

A BIG Thank you to Lark& Linen for this recipe. Photography, Directions & Stying: Sugar and Bash

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