Casual F҉R҉I҉Y҉A҉Y҉S҉ 💋💁



For those of you who don’t know me I live primarily in two types of outfits. Stretchy and versatile workout clothes, and nursing scrubs. So to me “casual wear” is my version of “I actually tried today so I better be going somewhere!” My mission is mastering this look of “casual Friday’s” or “comfy cute” but for everyday. My favorite brand has notoriously been free people my whole life so whenever I need something dressy to wear I always raid my sisters closet. We have always been yin & yang that way. I love this outfit because there is nothing more stress free than throwing on your favorite comfy sweats aka boyfriend jeans and your most comfortable dress shoe. Paired with a sweatshirt that just so happens to be white (my favorite clothing color) and makes you feel so fresh and so clean, clean! Happy Friday Y’all!

Outfit Details:

sweater: Topshop at Nordstrom

pants: AG Jeans

shoes: Aldo

Lipstick: MAC, color- Candy Yum Yum



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